“New Year, New Me”

…indeed time does fly, 7 days down 2017 already. I have been quite observant about the festive season and also asked a few friends about their resolutions and expectations for 2017. The usual excitement about the new year, it’s fascinating phrase “New Year, New Me” and the idea of Cutting people off seems to be on the lips of most people. Why don’t we see the new year as a continual progress of our journey here on earth? Rather we set out so many unrealistic ideas about the new year. We want our lives to be like everything we see on TV and social media and in the process living out on purpose.

So every single year, with a new year approaching, you hear most people say “New Year, New Me” and I’m wondering how come you’re a new person each year yet there’s still no visible progress in your life? Is there really a new you every new year? Honestly, this is not a phrase that I want to live by. I don’t see the need to go and start changing everything about myself just because we’re entering a new year. Not that I am perfect, because by no means am I. But I actually like the person that I am, and I don’t have the desire to ‘change’ myself. Entering this new year I don’t want to change myself, I want to better myself. My ultimate new years resolution for 2017, is to become the best possible version of myself (according to God’s will) that I can be aside it being My Year of Divine Manifestation.

Although it really wouldn’t hurt to include getting a gym membership (which I already started a few days ago let’s hope I don’t give up on it), expanding my savings account, and ditching some old habits for my resolutions this year, those are not my main focus. I want to dig below the surface and focus on something that really is important, and that is myself. If I have learnt anything over this past year it is that the only person you can truly count on aside God, is yourself. I learned just how important it is to take care of yourself in 2016 (To constantly pick up yourself after every low moment pressing on and holding on to Christ). You are in control of your happiness, the way your life ends up, and the ultimate person that you are. 

I’m at a good place in my life, where I have a better understanding of who I am, and who God wants me to be. But I also know that there is always room for a little self improvement, and you will never stop growing as a person. Well, I am making a list of resolutions I want to live by to make sure I am the best possible version of myself this new year;

  • Speaking of growing as a person, I want this to be a year of growth. I want to grow from the base of the person I already am into something even greater. I want a deeper relationship with God. Grow more in my walk with Christ to have a better understanding and relationship with the Holy Spirit than I do now.
  • I want to use my heart in ways greater than worrying about people who don’t care about me. Touch lives and inspire people to be better and give more. I want a strong, positive influential group of people surrounding me this year. People who push you to do better, and ones who are there even through the hard times.
  •  Instead of so many nights spent out having fun, where you’ll barely remember the night anyway. I want to spend more time doing things I enjoy, that I won’t forget about. Like spending my free time writing, going for walks, reading more, spending time in church, fellowship, or going to chase a sunset.
  • I want to love myself, the same way I want someone to love me. The level of respect I want to receive from someone else, is the same respect I want to show myself every single day. I don’t want to take a single moment for granted. I realize that life is short. I want to love with my whole heart, spend my time making a difference, and surround myself with the ones I love every chance I get. I want to stay true to myself, and who I am, no matter what. I believe honesty is the best gift one can ever give him/herself. Your life can only get better when you’re honest with yourself.
  • I am blessed to already have a great family (family goes beyond people you’re related to by blood), but I want to spend even more time together, not just during the holidays. Because in the end family always will be the most important thing. I don’t want to have hate in my heart for anyone. Even the people who have done me wrong, deserve happiness. I want to truly forgive and forget (learn to be “unoffendable”). Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes sometimes. 
  •  I want to set real goals, and actually accomplish them. I want to chase my dreams, and never give up, no matter how many times life tries to knock me down. I want to remain driven (Focused), and not let anything stand in my way. I want to aim higher. To believe in myself so much that I feel like I can truly do anything I put my mind to with the assurance that God is always on my side.  

This is something for those who are so expectant to find love this year, not to burst your bubble tho. A new year is not a yardstick for measuring how soon you can find Mr. Right or Ms Right, No. There’s more to Love than just emotions — I believe it has more to do with purpose, God will give you someone you need rather than someone you want if only you’re patient. His best is worth waiting and praying for. So why don’t you stop spending any more time trying to find THAT PERSON, but rather to be THAT PERSON. Love isn’t something you can search for. It will happen when it’s meant to happen, a good kind of love can never be forced. So for now, instead of searching for that person, become that person.

So by this time next year, when I am once again reflecting on the year and thinking of another resolution for the following year, I hope I can honestly say that I followed the resolutions I set for myself. I hope I am the same me that I am today. I hope I still have my smile, more rooted in Christ, the same positive attitude, and the same love for life that I do now. But I also hope that I can look back on the year and honestly say that I’m an even better person than I was. 

“Because he has focused his love on me I will deliver him. I will protect him because he knows my name. When he calls out to me, I will be with him in distress. I will deliver him, and I will honor him.” (Psalm 91:14-15)  — Give this a try, put your focus on God this year.

Ps; these are my thoughts (resolutions) and might not necessarily work for you. Nevertheless, go into prayer and ask God to help you identify the loopholes in your life and also guide you to make the right resolutions that will help shape your life in order to see tangible progress. Stay blessed! 

7 thoughts on ““New Year, New Me”

  1. Amen. God bless you Eli. This year, my resolution I to discover what God has in store for me. For me to move out of my comfort zone, and for him to help me see beyond what I see to become wiser. 2017 has a “7” in it, which means PERFECTION. May he perfect all that he has begun in us.

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  2. Eli im so proud of you. This really touched me. God bless u. My new year resolution is to be a better person, to seek God as never before, to put him first cause when you do, everything will work out perfectly fine for you.

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